Richardson Apparatus

24" Hallway Sledges



The Hallway Sledge is designed for close-quarters striking when you can’t swing a full-length axe or sledgehammer. Our sledge head is drop forged from high carbon steel and built to last. We offer options of Hi-Viz lime or orange, yellow fibreglass, and a marrying bracket for a Halligan Bar. Leatherhead Tools Hallway Sledge is available in 6 lbs. or 8 lbs. and a handle length of 24 in.

Dimensions 24 in

Fiberglass handles won’t splinter like wood and do not weaken over time | Reflective striping added to help locate tool in dark areas |, Handle construction is solid Hi-Viz pultruded fiberglass with non-slip grip| Yellow handle construction is a strong pultruded fiberglass core with injection molded jacket for added strength |, Made in the U.S.A.| This rugged Hallway Sledge is ideal for ventilation, forcible entry or overhaul |


Black, HiViz Lime, HiViz Orange, Yellow


6 lb., 8 lb.

Reflective Tape

Fiberglass Handle w/Reflective Tape, Fiberglass Handle w/Reflective Tape & Marry