Autel Robotics Smart Controller SE, V3

Autel Robotics Live Deck 2

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    Pilot your drone from up to 9.32 miles away with the Smart Controller SE for EVO II V3 Drones from Autel Robotics. Using dual tri-band antennas, you can view telemetry and a live feed from the drone on the remote's integrated 6.4" OLED in brilliant HD resolution, or if you're within 0.62 miles, in QHD. The display is also 10-point multi-touch, letting you make adjustments easily. The Smart Controller SE incorporates an anti-interference system to keep the video signal clear and stable, and Wi-Fi 5 (802.11c) lets you download apps to the remote's Android-based system to augment its functionality.

    Key Features

    • For Autel Robotics EVO II V3 Drones
    • 6.4" OLED 10-Point Multi-Touch Display
    • Up to 9.32-Mile Transmission Range
    • Anti-Interference System
    • View Footage in up to HD Resolution
    • View Footage in QHD within 0.62 Miles
    • Android-Based System, 8-Core Processor
    • Download Apps via Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac)
    • Up to 4 Hours of Battery Life
    • Bluetooth 5.0 Support

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