Autel EVO II Pro 6K Enterprise Bundle

AUTEL EVO II Pro 6K Enterprise Bundle

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    Autel Introduces EVO II Enterprise Series 

    New series adds accessories and carbon fiber design BOTHELL, Wash -Autel Robotics has officially launched its new line of enterprise drones, which is expected to meet demands of professionals in every industry from construction to firefighting. 

    The EVO II Enterprise Series, branded as the company's "toughest EVO II yet," retains the original's foldable design and easy-to-use controls, but incorporates a handful of new accessories, which can be swapped in seconds to adapt to different scenarios.

    The modular selection of accessories includes a high-intensity spotlight for search and rescue missions, a strobe light to reveal the aircraft's position at night, and a high-powered loudspeaker to enhance on-site communication. An RTK module can also be purchased separately to retrieve centimeter-accurate positioning data while mapping or performing inspections.

    Aside from the accessories, the EVO II Enterprise stands out from predecessors thanks to its new carbon fiber design, whose longer arms allow for bigger propellers, which means more flight time for users.

    Other improvements include an enhanced video transmission range, which has been boosted from 5 miles to 8 miles, and an ADS-B receiver that alerts users to the presence of nearby aircraft to avoid mid-air collisions.

    The new series includes three distinct models: The EVO II Pro Enterprise, EVO II 640T Enterprise, and EVO II Dual R Enterprise. 

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