CMC Y-SHOK Lanyard™

Featuring our SHOK™ Shock Absorber and Lightweight Aluminum Snap Hooks

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    Featuring CMC's SHOK™ Shock Absorber and Lightweight Aluminum Snap Hooks.

    Maintain fall protection while climbing or traversing towers and structures with CMC's Y-SHOK Lanyard. One snap hook remains secure, while the other is moved to the next attachment point. Each side is an arm’s-reach in length, with a total length of 3ft. Lightweight, aluminum ANSI snap hooks are double acting, but can be opened with one hand. Integrated SHOK™ shock absorber reduces impact forces during a fall.

    NFPA/ANSI-Certified Stainless Steel Auto-Lock Carabiner (Item # 300011) provides quick connection, corrosion resistance, and maximum strength. Aluminum O-Ring (MBS 22.2 kN / 5,000 lbf) is used to connect the Y-straps.

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