Richardson Apparatus

Cribbing Kit

8-44PL-18 Pyramid Locking Lincoln Log cribbing, 4- 2/4-12 2×4 wedge, JYD-020 Cribbing Bag.


For plastic or wood cribbing, this bag can hold up to (9) 4” x 4” pieces. This three sided bag allows quick access to the cribbing pieces, but keeps them secure during transport. Two double adjustable straps with plastic clips hold the bag and contents together. A handle at the bottom front for removal from the apparatus compartment. Two small openings in the bottom corners
allow moisture run-off. Reinforced bottom for durability.

Cribbing Bag Kit #1
Complete Kit: Part #: JYD-CRB-K1
• (8) 4X4X18 Pyramid Cribbing
• (4) 2”x4”x12” Wedges
• (1) JYD Cribbing Bag