Richardson Apparatus


D-FOAM is an anti-foaming agent designed to eliminate unwanted or excess fire-fighting finished foams.

After foam equipment discharge test, foam training exercise or accidental triggering of a foam fire extinguisher system, D-FOAM quickly abates fire-fighting produced foams. Thanks to this defoamer, the area affected by foam can be quickly cleaned and returned to its previous operational state.

This defoaming agent is silicone-free.


Can be used with a high pressure hose in the spraying position, PROPAK.


Usable from 0.06% to 1% for foam solution treatment, and from 1% to 6% for existing foam treatment depending the device used.


D-FOAM defoamer has a durable effect, even when the environment is subjected to powerful mechanical forces., Thanks to anti-foaming agents dispersed in mineral oil, foaming properties are eliminated and stopped., This action is necessary in case of accidental spillages. Excess foam can overflow and disrupt the sewage treatment stations operation.


Foam concentrate is manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified facility.


1 Year


23l can (6 gal), 200l drum (55 gal), 1000l tote (265 gal)