Richardson Apparatus

Deep III® Pro



The Deep III® Pro is a culmination of decades of experience experimenting with engineered materials and listening to our clients. Not only does it exceed industry expectations for dexterity and ergonomic fit, but the Deep III® Pro is also designed to outlast your current gloves while adding the cut, impact, and puncture resistance you need to go home whole. The Deep III® Pro’s patent-pending one-piece impact protection system effectively shields the wearer’s hands from the avoidable crush and pinch injuries all the way down to the fingertips. Its improved, continuous web protection offers wearers uninterrupted protection in a high-incidence pinch point. The entire shield system is vented to keep hands cool. The high-abrasion, the one-piece palm is oil and water-resistant and provides the grip control you need in any environment. The base layer of our new Slashweave™ material is so thin you won’t realize it’s there. It invisibly protects hands further from cut and puncture injury with an ANSI/ ISEA 105-2016 A7 and a CE cut E rating. High-Visibility fabric and a reflective strip on the cuff maximizes hand visibility with a slim ranch cuff that provides vented, easy donning.


Flexible TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber) – Shields against impact injuries. | Skid-X Grip™ – Adds oil, water and petrochemical resistance and heightens grip control in wet, oily, or dry environments. |, One-Piece Palm with Kevlar™ Stitching – Adds abrasion resistance, durability and longevity in high-wear areas. |, Targeted, Continuous Web of Hand Coverage: Minimizes pinches and punctures in a high frequency area. | High-Level Cut Resistant Palm: Exceeds most site standards.


Search & Rescue | Extrication | Heavy Construction | Gas & Oil Drilling | Tool Pushing | Rigging | Mining


ANSI/ ISEA 105-2016 A7 | EN388: 3X44EP