DJI Mavic 3 Thermal NA SP Shield Basic

Mavic 3 Thermal NA SP Shield Basic

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    The Mavic 3 Enterprise Series redefines industry standards for small commercial drones. With a mechanical shutter, a 56 x zoom camera, and an RTK module for centimeter-level precision, the Mavic 3E brings mapping and mission efficiency to new heights. A thermal version is available for firefighting, search and rescue, inspection, and night operations. Streamlined and compact, Mavic 3 Enterprise Series can be carried in one hand and deployed at a moment's notice. Perfect for beginner and veteran pilots alike, it's built to perform on lengthy missions.

    DJI Care Enterprise Basic 1 Year

    DJI Care Enterprise was specially created to provide comprehensive protection for your DJI Enterprise products. Offering coverage options with unlimited replacements or free repair services for accidental damage such as crashing, water damage, or signal interference. This efficient and total accident protection service provides greater peace of mind for your entire DJI fleet.

    • <b>DJI MAVIC 3T:</b>
    • Compact and Portable
    • 1/2" CMOS, 48 MP effective pixels Wide Camera
    • 56 x Hybrid Zoom
    • 640×512@30fps Video Resolution
    • 100-25600 ISO Range
    • 45-min Max Flight Time
    • <b>Care Enterprise Basic 1 Year:</b>
    • Low-Cost Replacements
    • Water Damage Coverage
    • Replacement unites are also provided for Crash & Collision Damage, Signal Interference, and other accidents caused by User Error

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