Richardson Apparatus

Econo pack 65 gallons

Econo Pac-65

A tank, a live hose reel and/or Crossley, a portable fire pump and/or a compressed air foam system (CAF S), with an engine: these can be combined into a single one-piece assembly that can be slipped onto a truck bed, trailer, or into a body and used for flowing water and or foam on a structural fire, car fire or wildfire. The most common wildland and urban interface fire engines in North America combine a small truck with a water tank and a high-performance portable pump. Municipal/industrial fire departments and all forestry fire authorities use drop-in units. The sizes vary from 50 gallons, for an ATV, up to 500 gallons for full-size trucks.



1.5” inlet with cap and chain, 1.5” outlet with cap and chain, 1” valve for hose reel, 1” valve for tank fill / recirculating, 3/4” polypropylene platform with under lifting area, Low mount configuration, PFP-6hpHND-M-Twin fire pump,, Manual rewind hose reel, 50’ x 3/4” booster hose, Forestry nozzle,, Pump capacity 20 gpm at 125 psi, Self priming fire pump, 65 gallon water tank,