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Thanks, to a huge research and development program, BIOEX launched ECOPOL in 2002, the first class A/B Fluorine- FreeFoam (F3) on the market.
ECOPOL, is a synthetic multipurpose alcohol-resistant (AR)concentrate free of fluorine components. This AR-F3 foam has great foaming and wetting properties and is highly efficient in fire extinguishment and burn-back resistance
against a variety of risks: class B hydrocarbon as well as polar solvent and class A fires.
ECOPOL PFAS-free foam can be as efficient as AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) foams. ECOPOL environmentally-friendly foam achieved GreenScreen certification, an independent organization promoting the use of inherently safer chemicals in products and PFAS-free firefighting foams.


Can be used in mobile and fixed foam fire fighting systems (foam bOx, High Expansion generators, fire hose stations, sprinkler head, CAFS systems, monitor., Compatible with all foam proportioning systems (contains corrosion inhibitors)


Can be used with fresh and seawater, Depending on the capacity of your sewage treatment station and your waste contract, ECOPOL foam can be eliminated without using incineration., Can be used: from O.3% on class A fires, at 5% on hydrocarbon and polar solvent fires, a 6% version avaiable upon request Effective at Low, Medium and High Expansion


ECOPOL class A/B foam is effective on class B hydrocarbon and polar solvent fires, also on class A fires., ECOPOL foam concentrate forms a foam sealing blanket that spreads rapidly above the surface of the fuel to provide rapid-fire control and extinguishment, The ECOPOL foam insulating property can also be used to contain toxic vapours of polar solvents that react with water., The effectiveness of ECOPOL on a hydrocarbon fire can be compared to AFFF foams, The multi-purpose AR (Alcohol Resistant) foam generates a polymer film above the fuel surface. This film blocks oxygen supply and prevent from reignition, providing an exceptional burn back resistance


Aviation: ICAO level B, Class A: CEREN Certificate, Draves test AATCC 17-2005, GreenScreen certified, European standards: EN 1568 1-2-3-4, Oil industry: GESIP, LAST FIRE, Marine: VERITAS, High expansion: APSAD R12


10-year, Foam concentrate is manufactured in an ISO 9001 V2015 certified facility.


20l can (5 gal), 200l drum (55 gal), 1000l tote (265 gal).