Richardson Apparatus


FILMOPOL foam concentrate is a high-quality AR-AFFF (Alcohol-Resistant Aqueous Film-Forming Foam, also found under AFFF ARC acronym) composed of hydrocarbon- and C6 fluorosurfactants. FILMOPOL versatile foam is highly effective against class B polar solvent and hydrocarbon fires such as chemical processing plants, storage tanks, power stations, ships…

The film forming properties offer fast fire knockdown and high resistance to reignition.

FILMOPOL AR-AFFF versatile fire fighting capability reduces the need to stock different foam types.


Can be used in mobile and fixed fire fighting systems, Compatible with all foam proportioning and discharge devices (contains corrosion inhibitors), including air aspirating and non-aspirated foam equipment


Effective at Low, Medium and High expansion , Usable with fresh water and sea water, Freeze protection up to -15°C available.


FILMPOL AR-AFFF gives fast fire extinguishment on class B polar solvent and hydrocarbon fires such as oil, diesel, kerosene, acetone, ketone, The film forming property generates vapour sealing aqueous film that spread over the fuel and blocks oxygen supply to the fuel. The foam blanket provides rapid fire control and extinguishment., The versatile AR property (Alcohol Resistant) generates a polymer membrane barrier between the foam blanket and the water-soluble fuel.


International standards : UL 162 , European standards: EN 1568 1-2-3-4 , Marine: IMO , Oil Industry: LASTFIRE, GESIP


10-year, Foam concentrates are manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified facility.


20l can (5 gal), 200l drum (55 gal), 1000l tote (265 gal).