Richardson Apparatus

Glider 8


CET Glider Kit #8
Revised February 12th 2020
Glider Kit
The glider kit shall be made for dual rear wheels chassis cab truck, NOT for a pick-up
truck, with a « back-of-cab-to rear-axle » (CA) of 60’’.
CET Flat Bed Body
One (1) custom Fire Application aluminum flat bed body, 110” long x 94-5/8’’ wide. The
aluminum plate used in construction is .100” 3003-H22 polished aluminum alloy
Body sub-frame is made from 6061-T6 aluminum tubes and channels. Sub-frame
crossmembers are installed every 16”. The channel is 1-1/2” wide x 3” high x 3/16” thick.
The body crossmembers shall extend the full width to support the compartment framing
and shall be welded to the sub-frame main members.
The Body sub-frame main members consist of 6061-T6 Aluminum square tubing of 2”
wide x 6” high x 3/16” thick.
The perimeter shall be made with 1/8” thick forged 3003H14 Aluminum. Forged aluminium
brings a strong design that was specially made to embed emergency lighting & designed
to fit properly a 4” reflective stripping.
The body shall be attached to the chassis rails with a minimum of four (4) heavy duty “U”
bolts (shipped loose). The body shall be separated from the chassis by 3/8” Teflon
(shipped loose). Attachment of the body and sub-frame will allow the body to resist from
all distortion and off-road operational condition.
The body is a modular design to allow removal from the chassis for major repair or
mounting on a new chassis. Isolating material between the body and the chassis to be
All welding shall be done electrically using 5356 aluminum welding wire.

Rear vertical skirt will be made from 1/8” 3003-H22 polished aluminum alloy treadplate.
Rear skirt to include Signal, brake, reverse lights, D.O.T., license plate & NFPA steps.