Richardson Apparatus


The H20Attack™ SX was created to withstand the punishingly cold and wet environments of water rescue missions. Made with high-vis material strong enough to withstand extreme conditions and comfortable enough for extended wear. Impact protection to defend against debris, and a palm that protects from lacerations while maximizing grip control when dry, wet, or oily.



Swift Water Rescue is an arena where those who wade through treacherous waters often rely on gloves as the last line of defense between success and failure. Dexterity is important, but hidden debris in fast moving water can create impact hazards no one sees coming. Designed by rescue personnel, the H2O Attack was made to order by those who risk their necks to save others. We just wanted them to get a grip.The H20 Attack glove was created for the unique rigors of swift water rescue. These search & rescue missions subject the hands to punishingly cold and wet environments. Flexible Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) impact shields protect fingers from impacts down to the pinch points, while the hard-shell polycarbonate armament defends knuckles when hands get caught between a rock and a hard place. The high-vis neoprene adds wind resistance and breathability when dry, and adds a thermal buffer when wet. The base cut level-five Slashweave™ palm layer minimizes the risk of lacerations and cut injuries while the Skid-X® palm gives wearers the grip control they need in situations where grip control is crucial.


Flexible TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber) – Shields against impact injuries |, Hi-Vis Color & Reflective Striping – Provides visual identifiers in low-light and emergency situations | Adjustable Wrist Straps – Prevents debris entry and ensures a snug fit, Skid-X Grip™ – Adds oil, water and petrochemical resistance and heightens grip control in wet, oily, or dry environments |, SlashWeave™ – Cut level-five base layer in palm bolsters protective capacity | Polycarbonate Knuckle Armament – Protects knuckles against impacts and abrasions |


Search & Rescue | Extrication | Heavy Construction | Gas & Oil Drilling | Tool Pushing | Rigging | Mining |


EN388: 4X44FP


2XL, L, M, S, XL