Richardson Apparatus


INNOTEX885S™ – 3D All Top grain black kangaroo, Silver gusset


3D gloves enhanced for mobility & performance.
Also available INNOTEXSS0S™
3D GLOVES with wristlet


Kangaroo Shell – Lightweight yet tough. Delivers increased dexterity and cut resistance. Secure grip, wet or dry with minimal water absorption. I, Nomex®/Kevlar® – thermal lining Heat and slash protection., PIVOT-THUMB™ & Formed knuckle-guard. Provides natural, anatomically correct thumb-to-finger movement. Better grip and tactility. Enhanced flexibility & grip. I, Strengthened Sewing – 1/2" elastic sewn zig-zag around entire wrist of glove. Kevlar® thread on shell, Nomex® thread on lining. I, TRU-3D™ Glove style with complete fourchettes on all sides of every finger and thumb from cuff to cuff. Exclusive to INNOTEX®I, Wristlet style also available as INNOTEX880S™. Uses 2 layers of black Nomex® knit for additional protection I


NFPA 1971 requirements Met or exceeded.


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