Richardson Apparatus



If there is a human body with a heartbeat, the Resqtec Life and Motion Tracer will detect it. Even a motionless human body can be
detected due to the function of detecting the cardiopulmonary function. The highly sensitive radar system in combination with the easy to use and clear functions on the hand held PAD increases the chances of rescue.


Center Frequency/ Protection class: 400MHz / IP65, Through-wall detection range thickness of wall : 50 cm, Penetrable material : Concrete, soil, rock, non-metal (i.e. wood), low moisture content objects, Penetrating performance : Detects any vital signs through 10m brick solid wall, Sonar System: Ultra Wide Band (UWB), Antenna: Enhancement-model medium coupling UWB Antenna, Through-wall detection range detection range : Resting life body 2 25m; moving life body 2>_30m, Weight sonar host / hand-held terminal : 6.5kg/345g