Richardson Apparatus


NEUTRAL PLUS is formulated to suppress toxic vapours from reactive and non-reactive components (ammonia, nitric acid, sodium hydroxide…). NEUTRAL PLUS is used to protect from hazardous accidental chemical spills in storage facilities, process or loading areas at chemical plants.

Toxic vapours are characterised by the release into the atmosphere of gaseous substances. Many hazardous chemicals destroy the fire-fighting foam. Used at 6%, NEUTRAL PLUS finished foam creates a sealed barrier to neutralize the release of toxic vapour on contained spills.

Especially useful in unloading zones, NEUTRAL PLUS foam blanket quickly controls the chemical spill vapour release while on-site emergency services to get organised to evacuate and clean-up.


Compatible with all mobile foam proportioning and discharge devices


Should be applied using a medium expansion nozzle, Usable at 6%, Usable with fresh water


It works without any adverse reaction. A case by case expertise is required to guarantee the effectiveness of the product., NEUTRAL PLUS vapour suppression foam is effective on (non exhaustive list): ACIDS, ALKALIS, REAGENTS


Foam concentrate is manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified facility.


5 Years


20l can (5 gal), 200l drum (55 gal), 1000l tote (265 gal).