Richardson Apparatus


  • The thinnest oval bag in the market
  • Large stroke or effective lifting height
  • The lightest in the industry and highest power to weight ratio
  • LCE with integration point load capability


It is the design of the NT Hybrid that is the driving force behind its many features and capabilities. The oval
shape forces the bag to stay flat throughout the lift. Its embedded Load Capacity Enhancer (LCE) and Stability Center turns limitations of lifting bags into strengths and ease of use.

Weight 83.77 lbs

Effective lifting height N x 595 mm, Insertion height 10 mm / 70 mm, Max operation pressure: 12 bar, Max. lifting capacity 156 tonnes, Max. lifting capacity at max. lifting height 14 tonnes, Max. lifting height N x 665 mm, Safety factor : 4, Temperature range: -20 °C till +65 °C