Richardson Apparatus

Patient Protection Kit

Translucent. Portable. Single Panel



Designed to provide protection to an entrapped victim inside a vehicle. Panel has hand-holds for gloved hands to maneuver easily. Clear .125” Poly Carbonate comes in single or double hinged panels. Each panel measure 21” x 24” with reflective tape protection.

Kit #1 Part #: JYD-753
Patient Protection Panel Kit #1 includes a single protective panel, an additional Double-Hinged Panel, and a Kovenex® Blanket. All the above items come in one Storage Bag for efficiency.

Kit #2 Part#: JYD–753-K2
Patient Protection Panel Kit #2 has the same products as Kit One, replacing the single panel with the all NEW Teardrop Panel.

Double Hinged Panel
Part #: JYD-752

Teardrop Panel
Part #: JYD-754

Single Panel
Part #: JYD-751


Patient Protection Kit # 1, Patient Protection Kit # 2