TacMed Solutions TacMed Critical Event Response System - Individual


TacMed Solutions TacMed Critical Event Response System - Individual

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    The TacMed™ Critical Event Response System – Individual package provides you with the necessary equipment for personal protection and medical treatment for life-threatening injuries to yourself or someone else during active shooter and/or hostile event response. The Individual package includes the TacMed™ Responder Plate Carrier with Soft Armor, the Universal Tourniquet Dispenser with SOF® Tourniquets, and a Critical Event Individual Kit to help you meet and exceed multiple standards laid out by NFPA 3000™.

    Personal Protection Items:

    • The TacMed™ Responder Plate Carrier with NIJ certified Level IIIA soft armor is the perfect option for a budget conscious agency to provide an armor solution for the entire team.
    • The Universal Tourniquet Dispenser with SOF® Tourniquets provides a place to conveniently mount your tourniquets on your plate carrier for easy ambidextrous access.

    Individual Package Medical Kit:

    • The Critical Event Individual Kit is compact and stocked with contents to provide effective treatment for traumatic, life-threatening injuries to yourself, another responder, or a casualty on-scene during active threat response. The Critical Event Individual Kit utilizes the Signature Series OIFAK platform to include internal panels that can be adjusted to fit your exact equipment needs while keeping everything secure and organized. The MOLLE straps on the back allow you to attach the kit to your body armor so it’s always with you for immediate on-person access during a high-stress scenario. The Velcro section with MOLLE cutouts on the front allows you to attach an ID patch or attach additional equipment for your needs.

    What is NFPA 3000™?:

    • First responders are facing an increasing number of active shooter/hostile events where mass casualties can be present, and NFPA 3000™ is a set of standards developed to assist agencies with integrated community preparedness, response, and recovery for these tragedies. Included in the standards are competencies for fire, EMS, and law enforcement responders for threat-based care and hot/warm/cold zone tasks, including knowledge of plans, policies, and procedures for available medical supplies & resources.

    Each package is available in additional color options and can be customized to meet your exact personal protection and medical response needs. Please contact us at info@tacmedsolutions.com or 888-822-6331 for a consultation with one of our experts.

    Made in the USA.

    * Please note that by placing an order with us, you agree to comply with all local, state, and federal laws regarding body armor.

    United States law prohibits us from selling body armor to you if any of the following apply:

    • You are in the state of Connecticut.
    • You are international. (This includes shipping to APO addresses.)
    • You are a convicted felon.

    By purchasing from us, you certify that you have not been convicted of any crime that would restrict you from being able to purchase or possess body armor under any federal or state laws. Additionally, you acknowledge that the use of these items will be for legal purposes only.

    TacMed reserves the right to refuse the sale of body armor to any person. We also ask for some form of professional ID before your order will ship. This can be sent to customer service at info@tacmedsolutions.com. *

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