TacMed Solutions HALO™ Chest Seal - Combo


TacMed Solutions HALO™ Chest Seal - Combo

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    Treatment of Open Chest Wounds with Vented and Non-Vented Chest Seals 

    The HALO™ Combo includes a HALO Seal and a HALO Vent. They were created to treat tension pneumothorax, the second leading cause of preventable death on the battlefield. The HALO™ Seal is an occlusive dressing and the HALO™ Vent is a vented dressing, and both feature an aggressive adhesive that is durable and easy to use, while performing on injuries with excessive bleeding, heavy perspiration, and in a wide range of operational environments with minimal adhesion loss - making it one of the best chest seals available. 

    • Contains 1 HALO™ Seal and 1 HALO™ Vent to treat entry or exit wounds 
    • Retains effectiveness when folded or crushed 
    • The HALO™ Vent features 4 vent positions assuring it will function and drain regardless of orientation 
    • 6-Year Shelf Life 
    • Latex-Free 

    HALO™ Gel 
    • Highly effective medical grade hydrogel that allows the Halo Seal to stick in wet, bloody, sandy, or harsh environments 
    • Features scrim, a non-woven material that is added to the HALO™ hydrogel to keep the gel from migrating in high heat environments. 
    • Temperature range of -30° - 140° F. 
    Outer Tape Edge 
    • More forgiving when handling with gloved or bare hands. 
    • Studies show that the outer tape edge has a wider operating temperature range and performs extremely well in freezing and elevated temperatures  
    Size and Shape 
    • Covers a greater surface area, aiding in coverage of larger and unpredictable wound patterns 
    • Oval shape for greater adherence around contours of the body 
    • Large pull tab allows for effective placement and wound burping. 
    • Durable packaging is impenetrable to water, air, gases, and is puncture and tear-resistant. 
    • The package contains tear notches at all 4 corners. 

    • Chest Seal: 6.5” x 5.5” (Regular & IFAK Size) 
    • Packaging: 7” x 5” (IFAK Size) / 7.5” x 10.75” (Regular Size) 

    Made in the USA. 

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