TacMed Solutions Phantom® Dump Pouch


TacMed Solutions Phantom® Dump Pouch

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The rules are strict and enforced. A Phantom® product has to demonstrate that it is cutting weight and reducing profile, increasing speed and capability, and progressing performance over its competition. The Phantom® Dump Pouch is no exception to the rules. Measuring 3” x 3” x 1.5” and weighing only 3.5 ounces, the deployed pouch offers approximately 320 cubic inches of space. The Phantom® Dump Pouch has two draw cords that increase its ease-of-use and capability. One cord closes the top of the pouch to retain its contents, and the other the other draws the pouch back up to mitigate its motion when the user has to move quickly. Once deployed, the PDPs large opening allows for easy placement of expended magazines, medical trash, recovered intel items, and anything else that doesn’t have a place on your kit. Should these items need to be handed off to someone else or be placed with a detainee, the pouch and its contents can be quickly removed.

Note for Customers: Our discontinued items are still available for sale at a discounted rate while supply lasts. This item and all other discontinued items are final sale.

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