TacMed Solutions Rigid K9 Collar


TacMed Solutions Rigid K9 Collar

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    The Rigid K9 Collars from Modern Icon feature:

    • Rigid design 
      • Provides support to dog's neck, preventing possible injuries
      • Allows handler to use body of collar to apply pressure to points behind the ears to manually "out" their dog from a bite if he becomes unresponsive to commands
    • Mil-spec heavy scuba webbing 
    • 1" mil-spec webbing rated at 4000 lbs. 
      • To stiffen the design and add the additional strength and support required by our most demanding customers 
    • V-Ring
      • Large climbing-rated & allows handler to use any attachment options available, including large diameter carabiners
      • Flat stock design helps prevent accidental unclipping where pressure on the snaps gate from a round stock ring can force it open
    • ISC Klick-Lock Buckles
      • Both sides have to be depressed to release the buckle, and the release buttons are recessed to prevent accident unclipping
    • Velcro Panel
      • Large 8x1.5" panel (10x3" on 3" width option) allows the handler to attach identifying patches or accessories directly to the dog's collar
    • Options:
      • 1.5" width:
        • Provides an advantage to those who have a limited amount of real estate on their dog's neck due to the addition of E collars, pinch collars, slip collars, and other devices
      • 2" width: 
        • Standard size for preventing possible injuries and giving the handler the option to manually "out" your partner from a bite
      • 3" width: 
        • For extra large dog breeds

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