TacMed Solutions MATT™ - Abdominal Casualty Expectant (MATT-ACE)


TacMed Solutions MATT™ - Abdominal Casualty Expectant (MATT-ACE)

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    TacMed Simulation™ is a line of ruggedized, training trauma manikins built with state-of-the-art special effects technology. It leverages in-depth human factors requirements analysis of military and civilian training needs to deliver powerfully realistic, yet easy to use training solutions that can be deployed to any location and be used in nearly any weather condition.

    Built from the original Multiple Amputation Trauma Trainer® (MATT™), the MATT-ACE delivers unparalleled realism and durability, creating the most authentic simulation of a severe abdominal injury. Extraordinary visual and tactile realism helps build desensitization to expectant injuries, allowing Medics, Corpsmen, Soldiers, and First Responders to appropriately triage combat casualties.

    The MATT-ACE is a multi-purpose training system that can function as a stand-alone skills station or be connected to any TacMed Simulation™ upper torso for use in training.

    Key Features
    • Triage 
    Product Details
    • Eviscerated abdominals for assessing patient survivability in triaging exercises during multiple casualty scenarios
    • Specially formulated synthetic tissue with unparalleled realism and durability
    • Highly realistic visual and tactile stimuli including packable intestines
    • Water-resistant
    • Easy to clean and maintain after use

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