TacMed Solutions Hemorrhage Control Skills Trainer - Classroom (HCST-C)


TacMed Solutions Hemorrhage Control Skills Trainer - Classroom (HCST-C)

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    Classroom Skills Trainer

    The TacMed Simulation Hemorrhage Control Skills Trainer - Classroom (HCST-C) is a medical intervention simulator designed to teach fundamental skills for tourniquet application and hemostatic wound packing. Anatomical fidelity and lifelike skin provide a powerful haptic training experience to develop familiarity and muscle memory for different interventions. The HCST-C is ideal for teaching learners how to make critical decisions such as the type of treatment to apply, then use anatomical landmarks such as the greater trochanter to perform proper interventions.

    Product Details
    • Amputation on left leg
    • Compatible with a wide range of tourniquets, including junctional tourniquets
    • Deep wound at the inguinal crease to practice hemostatic wound packing
    • Deep wound on lower leg for hemostatic wound packing and/or tourniquet application training
    • Injuries can be filled with simulated blood for a more realistic training experience
    • Learn proper intervention techniques using anatomical landmarks

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