TacMed Solutions EMITT - Active Shooter Upper (EMITT-ASU)


TacMed Solutions EMITT - Active Shooter Upper (EMITT-ASU)

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    Mid-Fidelity Upper Body Trauma Trainer 

    The Emergency Medical Trauma Trainer (EMITT) is a collection of mid-fidelity medical simulators created specifically to address training requirements for civilian first responders.  

    The EMITT-Active Shooter Upper is a low-cost, non-powered trainer designed for use with an EMITT or other TacMed Simulation Lower simulator. Constructed with a strong urethane core and realistic, durable synthetic skin, the EMITT-AS is ideal for field training exercises involving an active shooter threat. It offers critical training elements such as a bubbling gunshot wound to the chest, needle decompression, reinforced silicone arms with articulating shoulders and full arm rotation, and adjustable eyes.  

    The EMITT Active Shooter Upper Torso trainer was designed based on feedback from Police, Fire, EMT, and Emergency Medical physicians. The result is a rugged, durable, highly-realistic training system purpose-built for real-world training exercises. The EMITT-AS helps improve critical life-saving skills performed under active-threat conditions, and when paired with an EMITT Active Shooter or Tactical Medical Lower trainer, first responders can learn and practice key skills such as hemorrhage control from multiple GSWs, treating a sucking chest wound, tourniquet application, and hemostatic wound packing.  

    Key Features 
    • Airway management 
    • Moveable jaw 
    • Intubation 
    • Oropharyngeal Airway (OPA) 
    • Nasopharyngeal Airway (NPA) 
    • Sucking chest wound (bubbles/foams) 
    • Needle decompression 
    • Adjustable eyes (pupils constricted or dilated) 
    Product Details 
    • The non-powered system requires no batteries to operate 
    • Sucking chest wound (bubbling) 
    • Oral airway cavity (with teeth and tongue) for oropharyngeal intubation 
    • Nasal passageways for nasopharyngeal intubation 
    • Eyes can be manually rotated to simulate dilated, TBI, or pinpoint pupils 
    • Reinforced silicone arms with articulating shoulders and full arm rotation 
    • Needle decompression training sites (full size 3.25” 14 gauge needle) 
    • Simulated gunshot exit wound on the back 
    • Rugged urethane core and durable synthetic silicone skin allow for use in nearly any environment or weather condition 
    • Water-resistant 
    • Easy to clean and maintain after use 
    • Optional burn arm 

    The upper and lower trainers can be combined in any configuration to increase training capabilities. 

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