TacMed Solutions MATT™ - No Animatronics/No Bleeding (NOAB-MATT)


TacMed Solutions MATT™ - No Animatronics/No Bleeding (NOAB-MATT)

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    The TacMed Simulation™ No Animatronics No Bleeding Multiple Amputation Trauma Trainer® (MATT™) (NOAB-MATT) is a ruggedized trauma trainer that delivers high-fidelity simulations of lower-body blast injuries commonly caused by Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and other explosive devices.

    Key Features
    • Tourniquet training
    • Rugged
    Product Details
    • Features a double leg amputation for tourniquet training
    • Realistic, resilient, and water-resistant
    • Specially formulated synthetic tissue with unparalleled realism and durability
      providing lifelike visual and tactile stimuli
    • Crepitus to cue for crushed pelvis
    • Can be used with a human actor
    • Optional interchangeable priapism
    • Scrotal avulsion
    • Easy to clean and maintain

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