TacMed Solutions Packable Wound Trainer


TacMed Solutions Packable Wound Trainer

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    Rugged Packable Wound Task Trainer 

    The Packable Wound Trainer (PWT) is a ruggedized task trainer with a simulated hemostatic wound. The PWT is composed of lifelike synthetic skin and includes a hemostatic wound providing trainees with the ability to execute critical patient treatment such as wound packing and compression training. The PWT functions as a stand-alone skills station during the crawl phase of training.  

    Key Features 
    • Basic skills trainer 
    • Hemostasis 
    • Packable wound 
    Product Details 
    • Advanced sensor technology provides visual feedback when the correct pressure 
    • is applied for the correct amount of time in the correct location 
    • Can be moulaged prior to use to increase realism 
    • Rugged; can be used repeatedly with little or no maintenance 
    • Easy clean-up with water after use 
    • Compact design for classroom use and easy storage  

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