TFT QUADRAFOG Fire Nozzle Series

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  • Nozzle Size
  • Nozzle Flow Rate
  • Nozzle Style
  • Fog Teeth

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Nozzle Size 1-1/2" or 2-1/2" or 1" or 2" or 52MM or 50MM or 70MM
Nozzle Flow Rate 100 PSI or 85 PSI or 75PSI or OFF 5-10-24-40GPM @ 100PSI or OFF 5-40GPM @ 100PSI or OFF 5-10-25-40-60GPM @ 100PSI or OFF 5-10-24-40-60GPM @ 100PSI or 20-40-100-150-235 L/MIN AT 500 KPA or 5-10-24-40GPM @ 100PSI or 5-40GPM @ 100PSI or 5-10-24-40-60GPM @ 100PSI or 20-40-100-150-230 L/MIN AT 700 KPA or 20-230 L/MIN AT 700 KPA or OFF 30-60-95-125GPM @ 100PSI or OFF 30-60-95-125GPM @ 75PSI or OFF 30-60-95-125GPM 100PSI or 30-125 GPM @ 75 PSI or 30-125 GPM @ 100 PSI or 2.5-4-6.5-8 L/S @ 0.6 MPA CCCF or 110-470L/MIN@500KPA 5 BAR or 110-470L/MIN @ 700KPA 7BAR or 110-470L/MIN @ 0.5MPA 5BAR
Nozzle Style Tip Only or Tip with Shutoff or Tip with Pistol Grip Shutoff
Fog Teeth Fixed Teeth or Spinning Teeth

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