Richardson Apparatus

Ultra-Force Axes



This elite forcible entry striking tool is taking the standard force axe up a level. Paired with our Halligan Bar, firefighters will have an upper edge when forcing entry. Our Ultra-Force axe only comes in one weight, 8 lb. to provide the desired weight and force to get the job done.

This tool was made with the understanding that not every department has large staffing. How can we help make forced entry less of a struggle for the single person or a two person team? Offer a tool with a mechanical advantage and leverage, and the Ultra-Force Axe has it!

Check out the added extra features to this axe that maximize functionality.

Dimensions 36 in

Ends forged with Special High Carbon Steel | Strong DROP-Forged for a lifetime of use (unlike lesser quality cast tools, Made in the U.S.A.| Ideal for prying, pulling and lifting during forcible entry and overhaul |


Black, Lime, Orange, Yellow