Richardson Apparatus




Our elite set of Ultra-Force Irons package consists of our 30 in. Halligan Bar, our 8 lb. Ultra-Force Axe, and a Hi-Viz Velcro strap to help keep the tools together when not in use.

See the individual descriptions of the tools to see why we married these two tools together – to give you one of the best forcible entry sets of tools on the market.


All Forged Halligan outperforms inferior “pinned together“ Halligan bars I Drop forged with 100% American high carbon steel I, Groove on this axe is used with the Leatherhead Lock technic giving you a mechanical advantage I Strap connects the Irons for safe, easy carrying I, Made in the USA with 100% American materials and craftsmanship I Rugged axe is perfect for ventilation, forcible entry and overhaul I, Strong, all forged with a limited lifetime guarantee I Flash Reflector added to help locate tool in dark areas (Orange & Lime handles)


Black, Lime, Orange, Yellow