Vallfirest Fire Pump BP4 without Manual Priming System

Robust and powerful portable fire pump Black Panther 4, equipped with a 4-stage centrifugal pump and a 2-stroke engine. This combination provides immense flow and pressure at great distances and elevations.

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    4-stage Centrifugal Pump

    •  Compact, efficient and reliable.
    • Body and impellers made of anti-corrosive aluminum.
    • Shaft and other components made of stainless steel.
    • Compatible with foam-forming agent.

    Polini Thor 130 Evo engine

    • High-tech motor in a compact, light format.
    • 2 strokes gasoline.
    • 125 cm³ of displacement and a power of 10 HP.
    • Dry weight: 12,5 kg (27.5 lbs).

    Intuitive user interface

     With a LED panel featuring indicator lights and a built-in tachometer for hours/rpm.

    Easy to transport

    Extremely light (only 48.5 lbs of dry weight), allowing an easy transportation in a load-hauling backpack, or through its ergonomic carry handle.


    Up to 26.2 bar (378 psi) and 370 l/min (98 GPM).


    • Direct attack with hoses laid.
    • Self-protection maneuvers with sprinklers.
    • Tandem pumping for long distances.
    • Firefighting at great heights in mountainous areas.
    • Parallel pumping for higher volumes.

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