Four models, all meet or exceed the NFPA 1971 standards. 

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Imported 3D glove.  Engineered and designed by INNOTEX delivering unmatched dexterity and durability.

Also available with wristlet.

Black Eversoft Split Cowhide Shell & Kevlar Knit

Proven protection and abrasion resistance.

Knuckle Padding

Formed knuckle-guard with foam insert for better flexibility and protection.

Strengthened Sewing

1/2" elastic sewn zig-zag around entire wrist of glove.

Wristlet Style Also Available

Uses 2 layers of black Nomex® knit for additional protection.

PRO-TECT Glove Inserts

Tell what's the value for the customer for this feature.

Nomex/Kevlar Thermal Lining

Write what the customer would like to know, not what you want to show.

NFPA 1971 Requirements

A small explanation of this great feature, in clear words.


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