Autel EVO II Propeller-Low-Noise

Autel EVO II Propeller-Low-Noise

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    Made from nylon and glass fiber, the Autel Robotics Low-Noise Propellers for EVO II are both durable and shatter resistant in extreme crashes. When operating normally, the willow-shaped design helps reduce resistance, maximize flight efficiency, and most importantly, decreases propeller noise. Each propeller is foldable, making both easy to store inside a drone case or gear bag. Please note that this pair of propellers should not be mixed with standard propellers. The combination can cause unstable flight.

    Key Features

    • For Autel Robotics EVO II Drones
    • Willow-Shaped to Reduce Noise
    • Durable Nylon & Glass Fiber Construction
    • Shatter Resistant
    • Foldable Design

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