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Thanks to its wetting and foaming properties, BIO FOR is highly efficient for fighting class A solid fuel fires such as wildland forest fires, urban fires, industrial fires, waste recycling plant, as well as small class B hydrocarbon fires. BIO FOR class A/B foam is used by fire brigades and municipal services.

Wetting capability allowing water to penetrate deeply into the solid, and foaming capability allowing it to adhere to vertical surfaces, resulting in quicker fire extinguishment and long burnback resistance.

BIO FOR class A foam is Newtonian and is an environmentally-friendly solution: 100% fluorine-free foam (F3) and totally biodegradable.

BIO FOR is a very concentrated wetting and foaming agent. It forms a foam blanket highly effective at low concentration, proportioned from 0.1% to 3%.
Wetting properties: BIO FOR wetting properties improve penetrating capability of water. It reduces the water surface tension and penetrates deeply into the solid. The use of BIO FOR foam concentrate results in faster fire extinguishment and prevents from fire reignition.
Foaming properties: BIO FOR foaming properties give the ability to adhere to vertical surfaces for a long period with minimal run off and provide cooling effect. BIO FOR foaming capability is effective to fight minor class B fires.
The application of a wide coat of BIO FOR, during a forest fire for example, increases solid moisture content, providing a protective barrier to oncoming fire (wet line application) or preventing solids from reignition.

BlO FOR class A foam is an environmentally-friendly solution, 100% fluorine-free and totally biodegradable.

BIO FOR does not contain fluorine compounds, halogen derivates or PBTs (Persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic substances) which are harmful for the environment and living organisms

BIO FOR class A foam complies with European ground water directive.

Over 90% of municipal or rural fire department calls are for this type of fire. Fire departments therefore are interested in BIO FOR ecological and biodegradable properties.

Perfectly Suited for municipal services to putting out class A fires (solids), and also can be used on hydrocarbon fires.
Applicable on class A fires:
Forest fires and wild fires: wood, bush vegetation....
Structural fires: apartments, houses, farms, warehouses, vehicles, tunnel..
Industrial fires: landfills, trash, plastic, paper, tyre, rubber, textiles...
Mine fires Wet line application
Applicable on minor class B hydrocarbon fires: vehicle fires, fuel tank leaks.

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