BioEx Bio T-6 Training Foam

Fluorine-free synthetic training foam concentrate

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BIO T is a synthetic and ecological foam concentrate,without fluorine (FFF), formulated for fire training on class Aand B fires or testing foam fire safety installations.
BIO T is a copy of a conventional fire fighting foam concentrate. It simulates appearance, concentration and
foaming properties. BIO T generates a light foam mat allowing the re-ignition of flammable liquids for the repetition of training exercises.
BIO T training foam is ideal for learning to apply foam concentrates, testing foam equipment and training firefighters to be operational
In addition, Blo T is an ecological and economical training foam concentrate. The training foam is fluorine-free and totally biodegradable .

BIOT offers good foaming properties for training exercises.
The extinguishing properties and foam stability of BIOT foam concentrate have been deliberately reduced. The foam mat sags faster, so you can start training exercises again as soon as possible.
Firefighters can improve their foam application and fire suppression techniques by practicing the foam mat application during qualitative fire drills. This allows them to train witha single foam generation system and perform multiple trials on the same device. After the training session, cleaning the BIO T foam is easy because of its rapid settling.

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