BioEx Ecopol 3 - Fluorine Free AFFF-AR Foam


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Thanks to a huge research and development program, BIOEX launched ECOPOL in 2002, the first class A/B Fluorine-Free Foam (F3) on the market.

ECOPOL, a synthetic multipurpose alcohol-resistant (AR) concentrate free of fluorine component. This AR-F3 foam has great foaming and wetting properties and is highly efficient in fire extinguishment and burnback resistance against a variety of risks: class B hydrocarbon as well as polar solvent and class A fires.

ECOPOL PFAS-free foam can be as efficient as AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) foams. ECOPOL environmentally-friendly foam achieved GreenScreen certification, an independent organization promoting the use of inherently safer chemicals in products and PFAS-free firefighting foams

ECOPOL class A/B foam is effective on class B hydrocarbon and polar solvent fires, also on class A fires.

The effectiveness of ECOPOL on a hydrocarbon fire can be compared to AFFF foams. ECOPOL foam concentrate forms a foam sealing blanket which spreads rapidly above the surface of the fuel to provide rapid fire control and extinguishment.

The multipurpose AR (Alcohol Resistant) foam generates a polymer film above the fuel surface. This film blocks oxygen supply and prevent from reignition, providing an exceptional burnback resistance.

The ECOPOL foam insulating property can also be used to contain toxic vapors of polar solvents that react with water.

ECOPOL high foaming capability adheres to vertical surfaces such as airplane fuselage to quickly cool it.

Due to its high wetting property, ECOPOL can be applied on class A fire. It forms a protective fire barrier during forest fire, making the vegetation fire proof and stopping the fire progression. The foam concentrate penetrates into the material and cools it down deeply.

ECOPOL also generates an exceptional High expansion foamIt is therefore recommended to flood large volumes, such as aircraft hangars, warehouses, ship’s holds, car parks

In 2002, convinced of the harmfulness of fluorine derivatives, BIOex launched the first Fluorine-Free Foam ECOPOL which is environmentally-friendly and easily biodegradable.

ECOPOL is completely free of fluorine derivatives, any halogen derivatives or any PBT residues (Persistent Bioaccumulative Toxins) which are harmful to the environment and living organisms.

The use of ECOPOL environmentally-friendly foam is the alternative to respect the environment with high extinguishing performance.

ECOPOL multipurpose foam concentrate is your high performance eco-friendly solution fighting class A and class B fires such as :

  • Hydrocarbon fires : fuel, diesel oil, petrol, kerosene, gasoline…
  • Polar solvent fires: alcohol, methanol, ethanol, acetone, ketones, ethers…
  • Solid material class A fires:
    • Urban fires: building, houses, farms, warehouses, vehicles, traffic accident…
    • Forest fires: bush, wildland…
    • Industrial fires: landfills, plastics, rubber, tires, textiles

The application of ECOPOL fire fighting foam in low expansion can be gentle, i.e. applied indirectly, using a vertical adjacent surface to spread the foam onto the fuel surface. This type of foam application corresponds to most live fire fighting interventions. An application using Medium expansion is also possible to spread the foam uniformly and without foam contamination.

ECOPOL non-fluorinated foam is also used in medium expansion to avoid vapor release of acids HCl, NH3…

ECOPOL is also used in high expansion to flood large volumes such as warehouses, engine room…

ECOPOL Fluorine-free versatile foam concentrate is used by municipal fire brigadesindustries, power stations, recycling plantsaviation

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