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ECOPOL A/A+ are superior quality synthetic Fluorine-Free Foam (F3) concentrates for aircraft fire protection, especially class B hydrocarbon fires, and approved by ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) standard.

In 2017, BIOEX develops ECOPOL A, a non-fluorinated foam formulated for quick fire extinguishing of aircraft fires (hydrocarbon fires). ICAO certified.

Resulting of long and deep lab studies, BIOEX launches in 2020, the new formula ECOPOL A+. A fluorine-free foam, enriched in polysaccharide and alkyl ether sulfate, offering a more stable and effective foam on a wider variety of hydrocarbon fires. ICAO and EN1568-3 certified.

ECOPOL A/A+ foam concentrates are efficient against aviation fire risks such as fuel spills, landing gear fire, engine fire, fuselage fire, aircraft hangar fire …

They provide fire control, fast extinguishment combined with excellent burnback resistance. The foam forms a foam blanket above fuel and sticks on vertical surfaces as body and fuselage to create thermal insulation.  

ECOPOL A/A+ non fluorinated foams are viable environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional film-forming foam concentrates.

These newtonian F3 foam concentrates are compatible with all ARFF foam equipment (ARFF fire vehicles, monitors, nozzles

ECOPOL A/A+ are effective on class B (hydrocarbon) fires. ECOPOL A+ is efficient on wider variety of hydrocarbon fires such as: kerosene, JET A, JET A1… Their formulation provides fast fire extinguishment combined with excellent burnback resistance.

It forms a foam blanket which spreads quickly above the fuel to seal the spill surface and cuts off oxygen supply, suppresses fuel vapours and preventing reignition. The foam blanket has long drainage time.

The foam sticks on vertical surfaces on aircraft parts as the fuselage and the body, providing thermal insulation which allows immediate protection and passenger evacuation.

These non-fluorinated foams resist to foam contamination by hydrocarbons.

ECOPOL A/A+ are environmentally-friendly fire fighting foams: 100% biodegradable, totally fluorine-free and silicone-free.

Completely free of fluorine derivatives (PFOS, PFOA, 6:2 FTS…) recognized as Persistent in the environment, Bioaccumulable and Toxic for living organism, ECOPOL A/A+ Fluorine-Free Foams meet European Commission Regulation EU 2017/1000 and are compliant with EPA 2010/15 PFOA Stewardship Programme.

ECOPOL A/A+ also meet airport fire safety policy on minimising environmental impact.

ECOPOL A/A+ aviation foam have been specially formulated for Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) risks and fires such as: engine, landing gear, fuselage, cabin, helicopter, fuel spill, fuel line, aircraft hangar, terminal, hydrocarbon storage tank…

Aircraft fire services can use the ECOPOL A/A+ on direct application by the airport fire truck monitor and nozzles.

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