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ECOPOL F is a class A foam concentrate for wildland, forest, bush, brush fires. ECOPOL F has high wetting properties to make water more effective for in depth fire fighting. The firefighting foam is as efficient with salt, fresh and brackish water.

ECOPOL is an eco-friendly solution : fluorine-free (do not contain PFAS) and 100% biodegradable.

ECOPL F class A foam is USDA Forest Service qualified QPL listed and GreenScreen certified.

Thanks to its high wetting properties, ECOPOL F is an ecological solution to extinguish efficiently class A wildland fires (forest, brush…). ECOPOL F class A foam provides optimum effectiveness for wildland fire suppression with salt water, fresh water, and brackish water at all levels of hardness.

Wetting properties: The use of ECOPOL F surfactants reduces water’s surface tension and allows to penetrate and extinguish embers at depth and therefore be more effective and quicker than water alone. Thus it reduces efficiently the amount of water needed. Its long drain time provides longer surface wetting and prevents the fire
from re-igniting. ECOPOL F wetting properties are among the best ones on the market.

Expansion properties: When mixed with air, ECOPOL F creates a high-quality foam blanket which insulates fuel from air and cools the fuel. The adhesive nature of the foam makes it possible to adhere to vertical surfaces for an extended period.

Exposure protection and mop-up/overhaul can be completed with ECOPOL F class A foam for additional and faster fire control and extinguishment.

ECOPOL F can be used on contained class B fires.

ECOPOL F is an ecological solution for forest fires (Class A) which does not contain fluorinated derivatives (PFAS chemicals including PFOS or PFOA) or PBTs (Persistent, Bioaccumulative and Toxic substances). ECOPOL F is 100% biodegradable with no impact on environment.

ECOPOL F class A foam is GreenScreen certified: guarantee PFAS-free and without other chemicals of high concern to people and planet.

ECOPOL F is non-toxic and non-corrosive. This foam concentrate does not have impact on animals and vegetation.

ECOPOL F class A foam concentrate is compliant with the EPA Stewardship Program (US Environmental Protection Agency) and GWD (European Groundwater Directive).

Applicable from 0.1% to 1% on:

  • Class A wildland fires (forest fires, scrub, trees, brush, bushfires)
  • Also on contained class B fires

ECOPOL F class A foam can be sprayed directly in lowmedium and high expansion with all dosage systems and discharge firefighting equipments:

  • ground fire suppression system (CAFS, foam proportioner…)
  • water scooper
  • airtanker
  • fixed-tank helicopter
  • helicopter bucket

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