BioEx Ecopol F3 HC Fluorine Free AFFF Foam


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In 2015, ECOPOL F3HC was THE first 3% Fluorine-Free Foam (F3) achieving fast extinguishment and excellent burnback resistance on class B hydrocarbon fires. The synthetic foam concentrate ECOPOL F3HC can perform better than the best AFFFs. ECOPOL F3HC is a non fluorinated and environmentally-friendly foam solution.

ECOPOL F3HC class B foam is a low expansion foam, used for long projection distances and heights. It forms a resistant foam blanket. ECOPOL F3HC complies with EN 1568-3 standard and achieves 1A extinguishing and burnback resistance performance with fresh and sea water. ECOPOL F3HC is used by oil refineries, tank farms

Applied on the fuel spill or on oil storage tanks, the foam blanket has excellent spreading and sealing properties equal to the best AFFF foams, providing rapid extinguishment.

The foam blanket forms a protective barrier for release of vapour, provides cooling effect and contributes to very long burnback resistance.

The foam, combined with slow drainage, offers durable adherence on vertical surfaces such as oil storage tanks or aircraft.

According to EN 1568-3 standard, ECOPOL F3HC performance is 1A-certified, with fresh and sea water, for low expansion foam application.

ECOPOL F3HC Fluorine-free foam concentrate (F3) is environmentally-friendly and completely biodegrable.

It does not contain fluorinated derivatives such as PFAS (PFOS, PFOA, PFCs), recognized as Persistent in the environment, Bioaccumulable and Toxic to living organisms.

The use of ECOPOL F3 HC is the alternative to combine environmentally-friendly products and highly efficient protection against hydrocarbon fires.

ECOPOL F3HC can be used on class B hydrocarbon fires such as fuel oil, gasoline, crude oil, petrol, kerosene, etc. In direct and gentle application

ECOPOL F3HC is involved in flammable liquids fires such as oil storage tank fire or fuel spill.

ECOPOL F3HC low expansion foam can be use in direct application on hydrocarbon fires.

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