BioEx Filmopol 1x3 AFFF-AR Foam


This product is no longer available.

FILMOPOL foam concentrate is a high-quality AR-AFFF (Alcohol-Resistant Aqueous Film-Forming Foam, also found under AFFF ARC acronym for Alcohol Resistant Concentrate) composed of hydrocarbon- and C6 fluorosurfactants. FILMOPOL versatile foam is highly effective against class B polar solvent and hydrocarbon fires such as chemical processing plants, storage tanks, power stations, ships…

The film forming properties offer fast fire knockdown and high resistance to reignition.

FILMOPOL AR-AFFF versatile fire fighting capability reduces the need to stock different foam types.

FILMPOL AR-AFFF gives fast fire extinguishment on class B polar solvent and hydrocarbon fires such as oil, diesel, kerosene, acetone, ketone…

The film forming property generates vapour sealing aqueous film that spread over the fuel and blocks oxygen supply to the fuel. The foam blanket provides rapid fire control and extinguishment.

The versatile AR property (Alcohol Resistant) generates a polymer membrane barrier between the foam blanket and the water-soluble fuel. This provides vapour suppression and avoids foam blanket destruction by solvent destructive effects. If disturbed, this polymeric film regenerates by itself. It makes FILMOPOL AR-AFFF foam is highly resistant to re-ignition.

FILMOPOL AR-AFFF firefighting foam is formulated with latest C6 fluorosurfactants (short-chain), which are highly efficient and have less impact on environment than C8 fluorosurfactants.

Our C6 AR-AFFF foam do not contain PFOA or PFOS (also named C8), fulfilling the US EPA Stewardship Programme 2010/15 and EU Directive 2017/1000.

FILMOPOL AFFF ARC has been formulated for class B hydrocarbon (water-immiscible flammable liquids) and polar solvent fires (water-miscible flammable liquids) such as oil, gasoline, kerosene, LNG, ethanol, alcohol, ketone, ether, acetone…

FILMOPOL Alcohol-Resistant Aqueous Film-Forming Foam is used on fires such as chemical processing plants, storage tanks, loading racks, power stations, marine vessels…

FILMOPOL AR-AFFF firefighting foam can be used in direct application, i.e. applied directly onto the fuel surface using a fire hose or monitor, or in the solid jet position making it possible to fight the fire from a safe distance.

Due to its excellent wetting properties and versatility, FILMOPOL AR-AFFF foam concentrate can also be used in municipal fire brigades to put out class A fires.

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