CMC Kong Back-Up Device

A sleek, compact back-up device with smooth tracking and positioning

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    A sleek, compact back-up device with smooth tracking and positioning. Designed for rope access, the Back-Up is classified to ANSI and EN standards for 10-12 mm rope. It includes a ProSteel™ auto-locking ANSI carabiner and a 30.5 cm (12 in) attachment lanyard. Easy to use with one hand, the Back-Up allows technicians to switch between “Free Mode” for movement on rope and “Lock Mode” to fix the device in place for work positioning and to use it as a rope clamp.

    The Back-Up bends rope through an actuating cam, absorbing impact with less risk of rope damage than a traditional, self-locking toothed device. It is designed for 2-person loads when used in a rope access rescue scenario per the notice available under the Resources Tab. In order to be compliant with the ANSI 359.15 standard, the Back-Up must be used with the 12” lanyard that comes with the Back-Up ANSI device, a different ANSI Z359.13 certified lanyard, or a direct connection.

    Placing the Back-Up over a shoulder assists in releasing the cam and allowing the device to move freely. This mobility is further enhanced by the magnet accessory, which holds the Back-Up in place for smooth travel with the technician. High quality and made in Italy, the Back-Up reliably arrests falls, slides, or uncontrolled descents on vertical or angled rope. It’s the ideal companion for the rope access technician.


    • Sleek, compact back-up device for fall arrest and work positioning
    • Arrests a fall, slide, or uncontrolled descent on vertical or angled rope
    • Smooth tracking, follows operator in both directions of movement
    • Semi-dynamic locking cam mitigates shock and rope damage
    • “Free Mode” enables device movement up and down rope
    • “Lock Mode” fixes the device in place for work positioning
    • Operation can be enhanced with tug cord or magnet accessory
    • Easy to use, install, or remove at any point on the rope
    • Includes 12″ lanyard and ProSteel™ Auto-Locking Oval ANSI Carabiner


    • ANSI Z359.15-2014
    • EN 358:99
    • EN 353-2:02
    • EN 12841:06 A/B

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