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Made of durable Nomex® fabric, these bags can be threaded through the belt loop or attached to larger belts and harnesses using the hook-and-loop straps. A tab for a carabiner is included if you want to hang the bag from your gear. The Fire Escape Bag and Fire Escape Lumbar Bag are both designed for the Escape Artist and its associated system components. The RIT Bags are designed for packing, carrying, and deploying the RIT Kit components.

Fire Escape Bag:

The Fire Escape Bag’s distinct shape and unique design house the Escape Artist, Flash Escape Anchor, and the rope or web separately and securely, with the anchor readily accessible from its quick-draw style pocket. The bag attaches securely to a belt or harness with hook and loop, or by threading a belt through its integrated tunnel loop. Allows for rapid deployment. Escape Artist System™ components sold separately.

Fire Escape Lumbar Bag (CLEARANCE ITEM):

CMC's Fire Escape Lumbar Bag’s unique design efficiently organizes the Escape Artist™ and rope or web separately, with the Flash Escape Anchor readily deployable from its quick-draw pouch. The narrow bag profile provides comfortable, evenly-balanced weight distribution across the lumbar region while nesting below the SCBA. The bag attaches securely to an escape belt or harness with four easy-open, height-adjustable attachments. The durable rip-stop Nomex® fabric offers heat, flame, abrasion, and water resistance and the system is reversible for right- or left-side carry, with hi-viz reflective strips on both sides. The lumbar bag is designed for use with CMC's Flash Escape Anchor, Escape Artist™, and 50 feet of escape rope or web. Escape Artist System™ components sold separately.

RIT Bag:

Integrates with turnout gear to leave the user unencumbered. Available in two sizes to accommodate varying rope lengths. The 50 ft. works well for residences and small structures. The 150 ft. is a good choice for larger commercial buildings. The internal RIT Kit components are sold separately.

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