CMC KASK Zenith X2 Helmet

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A compact, hi-tech safety helmet made to exceed global safety standards with exceptional protection from impact and penetration. Now classified to ANSI Type I and II, in addition to EN standards. The external shell carries the same shape of the previous Zenith helmets, but with advanced materials for greater energy absorption. The new polypropylene materials protect the user with low density D-Core Technology in the inner core and high-density HD Crown Protection in the shell for all-around user safety. Includes a self-adjusting ratchet system for a secure and comfortable fit, and integrated slots for eye and face protection. The Kask Zenith X Helmet delivers more protection, comfort, durability, technology, and performance over the original Kask Zenith and has quickly become a favorite among technicians for its ability to address the needs of varying work environments.


  • NEW MATERIAL: HD Polypropylene for greater energy absorption and protection
  • D-CORE TECHNOLOGY: Low density inner core for top impact protection
  • HD CROWN PROTECTION: High density inner shell protection for all-around impacts
  • DRY+: Moisture-wicking fabric with silver ion antibacterial treatment for enhanced comfort
  • CLICK-IN SYSTEM: Padding attachment enhances durability and ease of replacement
  • ADAPTIVE FIT SYSTEM: Patented size adjustment system for secure, self-adapting comfort
  • ADVANCED CHINSTRAP: New rear adjustment points for a more personalized fit
  • COLOR-CODED FASTENER: Lime color clasp indicates that the helmet meets EN 12492 standard
  • EASY CLICK: Designed with integrated slots ready for eye and face protection
  • ATTACHMENTS: Ear plug hooks, earmuff slots, & replaceable headlamp clips
  • Available colors:
    • White
    • Red
  • Product of Italy, Made in USA


    • HD Polypropylene
    • HD Expanded Polystyrene
    • Soft PA Nylon


  • ANSI Z89.1 Type I , Type II – Class E All around protection against impact and penetration including front, rear, and sides.
  • EN 12492
  • Protection against side, front and rear impacts
  • Shock energy absorption capacity (Clauses – front, – lateral, – rear)
  • Penetration (Clause 4.2.2)
  • Retention system strength (Clause 4.2.3)
  • Retention system effectiveness (Clause 4.2.4)

KASK Zenith X2 accessories and additional helmet colors are available by order. Contact CMC's Customer Support team for more information.

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