CMC ProSeries® Aluminum Key-Lock Carabiners

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Highly Advanced NFPA General-Use Rescue Carabiner. Patented.

Rescuers working in the most demanding circumstances will appreciate CMC's ProSeries Aluminum Carabiners, the first aluminum carabiners to meet NFPA strength requirements for General Use. Combining high performance with minimum weight, these carabiners significantly reduce the weight of a rescuer’s gear while maintaining the highest possible margin of safety. The patented key-lock design eliminates snagging when removing the carabiner from your harness, and a redesigned gate provides a full 1.1 inch (28 mm) opening on the standard size version and a 2.1 inch (53 mm) opening on the XL version. Gate choices include the traditional Screw-Lock, CMC's easy-to-open-with-one-hand Auto-Lock, CMC's innovative Manual-Lock, and an ANSI-certified (Z359.12) gate SKU #300273. All of the XL carabiners have a removable keeper pin.

Every carabiner is proof loaded. Serial numbers on every carabiner.

ProSeriesMajor AxisMinor AxisMajor Axis, Gate Open30022144 kn13 kn14 kn30023340 kn11 kn14 kn30026240 kn11 kn14 kn30024140 kn16 kn11 kn30025340 kn13 kn11 kn30027340 kn13 kn11 kn

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