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CMC's SL Anchor Straps feature latex-coated polyester web and forged steel D-rings individually proof-loaded and sized for easy Choker (Girth Hitch) Configuration. Lightweight and compact, the SL model is easy to pack, carry, and deploy. It is classified to NFPA General Use for Basket (U), Choker (Girth Hitch) and End-to-End, providing a high breaking strength to withstand heavy loads on the system. Compared to nylon, the polyester webbing is more resistant to UV and water, and has less elongation. The webbing also stands out due to its bright red color, selected for high visibility, and its contrasting gray stitching, which aids inspection.

Supple and pliable, the SL Variable Anchor Strap bends easily around structures and feeds smoothly through metal grating. It combines NFPA General Use strength with a compact, smooth-handling design that excels in challenging conditions. Consider pairing the SL models with CMC’s Anchor Sleeves and Edge Guards for increased versatility, durability, and lifetime performance.

Note: CMC recommend using a Delta Quick Link connector (part #382121) to prevent possible tri-axial loading of a carabiner when used in a basket configuration.


  • Steel D-Rings sized to pass through one another for easy Choker (Girth Hitch)
  • Single-layer design is compact and lightweight – easy to pack, carry, and deploy
  • Proof-loaded steel hardware and weather-resistant polyester webbing
  • Polyester is more resistant to UV and water, and has less elongation than nylon
  • Supple and pliable – bends easily around structures and metal grating
  • Bright red for high visibility with contrasting gray stitching to aid inspection
  • Combines with anchor sleeves and edge guards to add versatility & durability
  • Classified to NFPA General Use for Basket (U), Choker (Girth Hitch) and End-to-End
  • Made in the USA

Strength Specifications for All Sizes:

Basket (U) Configuration: 69.7 kN (15,669 lbf)

Choker (Girth Hitch) Configuration: 33.9 kN (7,621 lbf)

End-to-End Configuration: 33.1 kN (7,441 lbf)

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