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Compact Slings are excellent anchor slings and safety lanyards for rescue and rope access. Strong, durable, and easy to use, they are rated for a four-person load with a 100 kN MBS (end to end configuration). The High Tenacity Polyester (HTP) fiber core makes the Compact Sling highly durable and robust. An elastic polyester sleeve surrounds the internal load bearing elements for added protection, compact sizing, and easy handling.

The breaking force of this equipment exceeds all requirements of the listed standards, yet it remains supple, lightweight, and low volume. Compact Slings are firm and flexible, maintaining their shape when wrapping around overhead structures or getting into hard to reach places. Their exceptionally high strength opens options for using choker configuration (girth hitch). There is no heavy hardware to carry and maintain, and each sling packs down nicely for transport.


  • Versatile anchor sling and lanyard for rescue and access
  • Ultra strong and durable with 100 kN MBS (22,481 LBF)
  • Rated for a four-person load (CEN TS 16415)
  • Internal core: High Tenacity Polyester (HTP)
  • External cover: polyester sleeve for added protection
  • Sleeve provides easy handling and protects surfaces
  • Lightweight and low volume with no heavy hardware
  • Firm and flexible, easy to manipulate for hard to reach places
  • High strength opens options for choker (girth hitch)
  • Max temperature rating of 100 deg C (212 deg F)
  • Multicolor design for easy visibility


  • EN 795:2012 Type B
  • EN 354:2010
  • CEN TS 16415:2013 (4 people)
  • ANSI Z359.18:2017


Tying Knots: Texora recently confirmed the following information regarding tying knots in slings.

  • Texora recommends using an approved carabiner to join two slings together. Follow best practices for properly loading carabiners.
  • Texora does not allow tying knots in slings or tying two slings together because it significantly reduces breaking strength.
  • Texora has ONE specific exception – Compact Slings can be joined together using a Strop Bend (this is NOT approved for Mamba or Wire Slings).
  • Texora allows girth hitching slings around anchors (choker) per the product manual. The minimum anchor diameter for Wire Slings is 12 mm or ½ in.

Edge Protection: It is essential to follow best practices for inspecting equipment, placing slings around low diameter structures, and using edge protection. The polyester sheath is not a replacement for edge protection. It encapsulates the strength-bearing core and is designed for limited protection against the elements. If proper edge protection is neglected, the sheath can be damaged to the point of needing retirement. Always evaluate the anchor and environment, utilizing appropriate edge protection for the application. Take care of the Compact Sling and the Compact Sling will take care of you. Refer to the user manual for more information.

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