Darley 2 1/2AGH


Single Stage, Centrifugal, Hydraulic Driven, Gear Driven

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    Performance 325 gpm (1230 L/M) @ 150 psi (10.3 bar) 260 gpm (984 L/M) @ 200 psi (13.8 bar) 140 gpm (530 L/M) @ 300 psi (20.7 bar) Weight 45 lbs. (21 kg) Dimensions 12"L x 9"W x 14"H Features Aluminum alloy casing Aluminum alloy gear case Bronze impeller and wear rings Stainless steel impeller shaft 13T 16/32 involute spline Heat treated alloy steel helical gears Ball bearing construction SAE “B” hydraulic drive adapter Mounting angles Mechanical seal 2½” NPT suction 2½” NPT flange on discharge Applications Mini Pumper Tanker Wildland/Attack Fire

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