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    Features 900 lbs. - 1,100 lbs. (Approximate weight range) 6 bolt attachment to frame rail, turnkey package PTO driven Single side 6” suction intake Fully engineering side slung module Darley AutoControl™ governor Darley rotary vane primer 2” Akron push-pull controlled tank fill 4” Darley tank to pump swing check valve assembly Water level gauge Options: Optional transmission mounting angle for improved driveline angles (varies from chassis to chassis) 6” butterfly valve, manual hand wheel controlled 3 – Panel mounted 2-1/2” discharges (Optionally lever or push-pull controlled) Up to 3 - 3” Akron electrically actuated water only discharges (LDH passenger, LDH rear, LDH monitor/deck gun, LDH front bumper, etc.) 1 - 3” Akron electrically actuated water/foam discharge 3 - 2” Akron push-pull controlled water/foam discharges for cross-lay, speed-lay, or front discharge Foam level gauge Foam Pro 2001/2002 system

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