Darley TSM 2000


The Darley TSM 2000 GPM pump is the most compact, durable, and efficient 2000 GPM pump on the market. TSM Pump is NFPA rated to 2000 GPM but this pump is capable of flows well over 2200 GPM. Not only will this meet customer demands but is also backed by the Darley’s 6 year warranty on parts with 3 years of labor coverage too! The pump has been designed by experts in fluid dynamics technology and utilizes an industry best silicone carbide mechanical seal which handles use and misuse better than the seals your department has become accustom to replacing in other pumps. The gearbox will handle 19,230 ft. lbs. of torque and gears are helically cut to ensure quiet operation. Our impeller is vacuum cast eliminating porosity and dynamically balanced to ensure smooth operation while spinning at over 4000 RPM. Pumps are modularly built for easy service but if taken care of this pump will last much longer than the chassis. This pump is built to last and backed by the best service and engineering teams in the industry.

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    Performance 2000 gpm (7571 L/M) @ 150 psi (10.3 bar) 1400 gpm (5300 L/M) @ 200 psi (13.8 bar) 1000 gpm (3785 L/M) @ 250 psi (17.2 bar) Weight 510 Lbs. (232 KG) Dimensions 29.45” (748mm) L x 17.72” (450mm) W x 30.55” (776mm) H Features 5” NPT or Weld Flange Discharge 6” NPT or Weld Flange Suction Air Shift 1710 companion flanges or 1710 full round yokes 1810 companion flanges, 1810 half round end yokes or 1810 full round end yokes Mechanical Seal Magna Trans Gearbox rated to 19,230 ft. lbs. Vacuum cast impeller Splined shaft Applications Aerial, Tanker, Pumper, Airports, Refineries, Urban settings Custom Options Primer Pressure Relief Valve Thermal Relief Valve Suction and Discharge piping Discharge valves Intake Relief Valves Anodes Manual Override

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