DJI MATRICE 300 SERIES Dual Gimbal Connector

DJI MATRICE 300 SERIES-PART10-Dual Gimbal Connector

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    Carry two payloads with the Dual Gimbal Connector for Matrice 300 RTK from DJI. This connector is designed to be mounted on the bottom of your Matrice 300 RTK, and it can accept up to two Matrice 300 RTK-compatible payloads, such as gimbal cameras. The connector adds IP44 water and dust resistance provided the payload is also water

    Key Features

    • For DJI Matrice 300 RTK
    • Support up to 2 Payloads
    • Mounts Payloads Underneath the Drone
    • IP44 Water and Dust Resistance

    With DJI’s Matrice 300 Series Dual Gimbal Connector you can attach two camera or sensor payloads under your drone. This accessory allows the Matrice 300 RTK to carry three gimbals simultaneously. DJI dual gimbal connectors are IP45 rated - meaning they’re waterproof. This dual gimbal connector has two gimbal cables for each gimbal port and you can connect them to connectors under the Matrice 300. The Zenmuse H20 / H20T / XT2 and Z30 gimbals will fit this dual gimbal connector. It’ll also work with other third-party DJI PSDK payloads. If you’re using the XT2 you can only mount it on the first gimbal port and if you’re mounting three payloads the Matrice 300 RTK will accept the gimbals above. Get a broader view from your payloads with the Matrice 300 Series Dual Gimbal Connector.


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